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New Car Delivery

If you are looking for a new car, are you aware that you can get a car delivered to you without you leaving your home? Or perhaps you need to get your car serviced, but you don't want to have to bring it into the shop? The Island Auto Group can perform all kinds of top-shelf services for you without you needing to get out of the house. This is especially important in the time of Covid, when everyone is trying to minimize the number of contacts they have. Interested in our great services? Here is the rundown on what you can expect from our Island Advantage services.

Service pickup & loaner delivery

First, if your car needs servicing, Island Auto Group will come by, pick up your car to be serviced, and leave you a loaner car at your home. That way, you can continue on your way and make it to work, or to run your errands without worrying about not having a car.  

Test Drive Delivery

If you purchase a new car through the Island Auto Group, you do not have to come into the office at all. Instead, you can finish the paperwork online, and we can deliver your car to you. What if you aren't sure you have the right car yet, but you want to take a test drive before you make your final decision? No problem. We can drop a car off for you so that you can take a test drive. There are so many services that the Island Auto Group can provide for you, you may never make it into our dealerships again!

When you are ready to enjoy the Island Advantage, you need to reach out to us. You can chat us at Island Auto Group, and we are also available by test. Why not contact us today, and let us find you the perfect car!

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