Oil changes are routine maintenance. If you drive a car, it is important to maintain your vehicle. Routine maintenance can extend the lifespan of your vehicle, improve the efficiency of your vehicle, and save you money down the road. Keep reading to learn about oil changes.

Your vehicle's engine contains many moving metal parts. These moving parts rub against each other, but oil lubricates the parts to reduce the risk of wear. It is important to keep fresh and clean oil in your car to protect your engine and keep your vehicle running right. Dirty oil, or no oil at all, can actually cause damage to your vehicle. These repairs can be expensive, so you're actually saving money by paying for routine oil changes.

The amount of times you should receive an oil change varies based on several factors. It is recommended you receive an oil change at least twice a year. For specific details on your vehicle, check out the owner's manual. The frequency of which you receive oil changes also depends on how often you drive and the climate in which you live in. All of these factors can affect the oil levels of your vehicle.

At Island Auto Group, we can perform routine oil changes quickly and easily. Our staff of professionally trained mechanics understand exactly how to perform an oil change in a way that is efficient and effective. Our staff also understand the different types of motor oil and which oil is most suitable for your vehicle. When you receive routine maintenance from Island Auto Group, you are in good hands.

No matter what make or model you drive, our team at Island Auto Group can care for your car. We have several locations along Hylan Boulevard in Staten Island that you can visit for a routine maintenance appointment. Pick the location that is most ideal for you and we will handle the rest!

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