Hyundai Elantra vs Hyundai Sonata

Are you looking for a new car and have an affinity for Hyundai models ?

If so, we think you have great tastes because Hyundai always pumps out magnificent vehicles. This time, let's look at two popular sedan series: Elantra and Sonata.

Is there a clear winner between the two? Keep reading to learn more . . . 

Handling & Performance

We'll go with the Elantra for the "driving" metric, but mostly because of its more premium trim packages. The Elantra N versions are the textbook example of how to design a sedan to handle windy roads, including around mountains and difficult country paths. It's not an off-road powerhouse per se, but it has better steering fluidity and responsiveness than the Sonata. That being said, both models offer a smooth ride thanks to solid suspension framework.

Interior Comfort

The Elantra does very well for being the more compact of the two, but the Sonata is slightly larger. The Sonata packs 104.4 cubic feet of passenger volume, edging out the Elantra's 99.4 cubic feet.

Of course, there's more to interior luxury than leg space. Both models have about the same infotainment amenities, which won't disappoint many. Their 8-inch touchscreen offers all the latest Apple CarPlay and Android Auto software. The only difference is the Elantra has a wireless version, whereas you need a wired connection with the Sonata.

Fuel Efficiency

Again, this speaks of the size disparity to some extent. The Elantra is the clear favorite for gas mileage with 33 mpg and 42 mpg for city and highway driving, respectively. The Sonata still does great with its 28 mpg in cities, and 38 mpg for highways.

Safety Components

Have you driven around New York lately? You won't last long without the latest in car safety technology. Fortunately, neither of these models are lacking in this critical department. The Elantra and Sonata have outstanding safety features, like Safe-Exit Warning, but you have to pay extra for it if you buy a new Sonata.
So, which Hyundai model would emerge as the winner? Well, since it's such a close contest, we'd hate to force our evaluation onto you without offering a test drive opportunity first.You can check out both the Elantra and Sonata, new or used versions of each, anytime when you visit one of the tremendous dealerships within Island Auto Group. There's no better team of dealers in Staten Island whenever you're ready to purchase cars, trucks, or SUVs from a range of outstanding makers. Contact us at 718-987-7100 to learn more about Hyundai or any other vehicles we carry.

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