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Jeep Grand Cherokee L vs. Honda Pilot

Today, we have another head-to-head matchup between two larger SUV models that make great family vehicles without sacrificing power and efficiency. This time, we’re talking about the Jeep Grand Cherokee L and the Honda Pilot. Which is better? Continue reading to see how they rate in terms of performance, storage options, and driving comfort.

Power & Performance
  • These are two of the more powerful SUV models on the market right now. They actually match each other pretty close regarding horsepower (290 hp for the Grand Cherokee L, 280 hp for the Honda Pilot). Both rely on solid and dependable V6 engines.
  • If you’re an outdoor/camping enthusiast, you may prefer the Grand Cherokee L’s superior towing capacity, however. It’s the far better option for lugging around campers or toy haulers since it packs a whopping 7,200-pound towing capacity. The Pilot can only handle about 5,000 pounds.

  • Storage Options
  • Both models have wonderful amenities such as multi-zone climate control, advanced ambient LED lighting, and power-adjustable seats. The Grand Cherokee L offers more peace of mind with outstanding safety features. One of those items that critics appreciate most is Jeep’s novel digital rearview mirror. It’s a liftgate-positioned camera with the most lucid visual imaging that helps you detect problems on the road, day or night.

  • Driving Comfort & Safety
  • Both vehicles have lucrative Bluetooth features that allow you to connect your mobile devices to their easy-to-use touchscreens. This is great news if you want to enjoy media, hands-free. They each have Wi-Fi hotspot capability and ways to hook up to either Android Auto or Apple CarPlay.

  • So, as you can see, once again, the Jeep model takes the crown. This is a common theme among vehicles these days, where we see superior quality from top manufacturers like Jeep.

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