First Time Buying Guide

Imagine how intimidating it could be to buy your very first vehicle. Not knowing how to navigate the process of locking down your first ride is a source of consternation for many new buyers. Island Auto Group thought you might like a quick glance at this first-time buying guide. In it, there’s a discussion of three basic consumer questions: How much do I spend? How do I choose my first car? What else should I know about the process?

How Much Do I Spend?

This depends on a lot of factors. Do you want to buy new or used cars? What does your personal budget look like? Pre-owned vehicles can be an affordable solution, and that doesn’t mean you must sacrifice quality or amenities to make a purchase. Auto dealerships compete for customers with competitive finance rates, which means you can lease or buy a solid car, truck, or SUV if you employ a prudential financing system.

How Do I Choose My First Car?

Choosing a first car tends to center around three factors: budget constraints, vehicle style, and preference for certain models. Island Auto Group is a service of all sorts of models and vehicle types with 12 brands spanning 8 dealerships in Staten Island. So, we have you covered no matter which route you go. You’ll want to focus on whether you desire a spacious SUV, the hauling power of a pick-up truck, or the fuel economy of a compact sedan. There are a lot of variables, which is why we invite you to spend some time researching our extensive new and used inventories. This will help you get a feel for what’s available as well as get an idea of your own inclinations to various vehicle styles, makes, and models.

What Else Is There To Know About All This?

Since this might still seem overwhelming, you’ll want to be due diligent with your research effort and never hesitate to ask questions. Island Auto Group hopes that we can help you become educated on the car-buying process. We think you might find it helpful to talk to our representatives in charge of sales before making any major decisions. You can reach them by email or by phone at 718-987-7100. We have some other information you can consult to get a better feel for what car buying is like. Check out this information about buying versus leasing a vehicle. Don’t forget to consult our handy dealership checklist to make sure you have all the paperwork and identification materials you always need when you buy a car.

Thank you for reading and good luck buying your first vehicle.