The Truth About Worn Tires

There is plenty of information out there about brand new tires. While these blog posts and articles are helpful, they don’t explain what it is like to drive on worn tires. Few of us are driving on brand new tires, especially when you consider that a tire technically becomes worn as soon as it hits the road. So, learn more about what it is like to drive on worn tires by reading our following blog post.

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Tire tread transforms the more it is driven on. Tires grip the road with tread, or the material of the tire that touches the ground. When tires are fresh, they have the greatest tread, but this tread wears every time it touches the surface. While some carefully designed tires have long-lasting tread for heavy-duty use and off-roading, most will eventually wear out from daily driving.

The materials a tire is made out of, also known as the composition of a tire, is a major factor in tire longevity. Most tires are made of rubber, but various manufacturers have their own formulas and additives to make their tires special. One example of these additives is silica, a material that is known to reduce rolling resistance and improve fuel economy.

Different from tread, the contact patch of a tire is the part of the tire that is touching the ground at any given time. This patch varies in shape depending on the tire design, but most are either rounded or rectangular. Rounded contact patches are actually known to perform better in most situations and deliver better tread wear overtime.

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