The Best Cars to Buy New Instead of Used

Used vehicles have a variety of benefits, their affordability naturally being the most prominent, but there are occasions where a new vehicle is the smarter choice to pursue. We’ve compiled a list of the top ten vehicles that are best served fresh, let’s take a look:

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First up is the Subaru Impreza, a compact sedan with a 14.7% price difference between its new and used models. Subaru vehicles are known for their impressive safety features and newer models of the Impreza will have the latest and greatest available.


Porsche is a household name for high-end vehicles, but options such as the Macan sit at the lower end of the price range. Combined with an excellent resale value, falling similarly into the 14% range, the Macan is an excellent choice.


Mazda’s esteemed CX-5 combines excellent utility with sporty elements in this versatile hatchback design. With a 13.4% resale difference, the CX-5 is an excellent bargain.


The Honda Pilot has been a tried and true family companion, a third-row SUV built by a manufacturer renowned for producing reliable vehicles. The Pilot sports a 12.8% resale value, which is a testament to its popularity with drivers.


One of the most well-known vehicles on the road today, the Civic is a compact sedan that has graced streets for decades. Although sedans have seen reduced popularity in recent years, the Civic continues to hold its own with a 12.3% resale value.


Part of Toyota’s vaunted pickup line, the Tacoma is a light-duty truck that remains popular with drivers who want the versatility of the truck but only have occasional need of its capabilities. With a resale difference of 12.3%, the Tacoma is an excellent option.


Similar to the CX-5 in both design and utility, the CR-V boasts high reliability and excellent resale value, weighing in at 12.2%.


Another fine example of Subaru engineering, the Crosstrek is a hatchback with excellent utility and amenities combined with reliable safety. With a resale value of 12.2%, the Crosstrek offers significant value.


A fantastic example of German engineering, the BMW X1 retains its popularity regardless of age. Boasting an 11.7% resale value, the X1 has demonstrated that it remains a favored choice among drivers no matter it’s the model year.


Top of the list is Honda’s HR-V, a multi-purpose vehicle that combines elegant design with functional utility and top-notch amenities. Built on a tried-and-true Honda framework, the HR-V has the greatest resale value at 10.5% new overused.

Purchasing a new vehicle with resale in mind is a great way to influence future car-buying opportunities. If you are interested in learning more, or simply want to browse through available options, we encourage you to visit our showrooms on Hylan Blvd, in Staten Island. We are Island Auto Group and we would love to show you what we have to offer.