Proper Car Maintenance Tips

Just like every other asset or gadget, cars need to follow a proper maintenance routine to keep performing at the top-notch quality and stay roadworthy. Here are some proper car maintenance tips from the Island Auto Group – they sure come in handy!

Car Maintenance in Staten Island


Driving a 4-wheeler on the road with just one of the bulbs functioning is a disaster waiting to happen. But you can prevent this and keep yourself and other road users safe by doing the following:

  • Check that the bulbs light up before you leave home or your office.
  • Ask to know the life cycle of each bulb before purchasing. Auto sites have these details so that you know, based on your expected usage capacity when to purchase a new one.
  • Keep extras in the glove (glove box or glove compartment) of your car for easy replacement when a bulb goes dim.


Tires are to cars what legs are to humans. Without tires, cars won’t have the capacity to move from Bradenton to Pensacola; it will literally have to be dragged to make that happen.

That’s why cars have tires but tires get tired when used frequently and on different road surfaces. They get worn out and could lead to a breakdown or an accident.

To prevent any of these happening, do these:

  • Find out & stick to the cycle usage of your car tires per distance for different road surfaces.
  • Stay within the recommended pressure point – the rule of thumb. Inflating your tire beyond the recommended air pressure point is a no-no, ditto to inflating below the recommended air pressure point.

Oils, Fluids, et al.

Oils and associated fluids help to lubricate different parts of your car. It’s essential to pay attention to them and know when to take out the old and pour in the new. Perhaps, weekly or twice a week? Up to you!

Additionally, it’s always recommended to purchase oil and fluids produced for your car. Buying random oil and fluids because they are cheaper or more affordable is cent wise, dollar foolish; in the long run, you lose more money.

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