Maintenance Tips to Keep Your Vehicle in Good Standing

Owning a vehicle is a significant investment. You want to protect your investment to get your money’s worth. You also want to care for your car to extend its lifespan and keep yourself safe. For some maintenance tips to keep your vehicle in good standing, read on.

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First, if possible, reduce your driving. Some ways to do so are to carpool with coworkers, take public transportation, or walk or bike to nearby locations. Cutting down on your vehicle usage can help your car last longer.

Next, avoid gunning the accelerator. When accelerating, try to accelerate gradually. Accelerating slower burns less gas takes less of a toll on your engine, and it is safer.

If you ever notice anything odd when it comes to your engine, take your vehicle to your local service garage immediately. Even if the issue isn’t a big deal, it’s better to have the problem checked out than to leave it alone. Ignoring engine problems can lead to engine failure, which can be unsafe and expensive to repair.

Fourth, have your oils and fluids checked on a regular basis. Check your owner’s manual to determine how often you should have your oil changed. Oil changes are quick and easy and can keep your vehicle running smoothly for years to come.

If you have limited space in your home for storage, you may end up using your car to store certain items. This is not recommended, especially if the items are heavy. Heavy items can actually weigh down your vehicle, burning more fuel and requiring more work from your engine.

For help caring for your car, visit the Island Auto Group. Our locations offer services that range from routine maintenance to major repairs. We can help you care for your car, so don’t hesitate to visit us. Our dealerships are located in Staten Island, New York on Hylan Boulevard.