Find the Much-Improved Toyota Corolla on Staten Island

Toyota is one of the biggest car manufacturers in the world. Because of its reputation for safety, affordability, and reliability, buying a Toyota is one of the easiest choices to make. When it comes to the Toyota Corolla, the experience simply reaffirms the sentiment. Although the car has undergone a few changes, it still at its core a Toyota and it gets people where they need to go reliably and efficiently.

2020 Toyota Corolla

The driving experience

The new 2020 Toyota Corolla sedan is a beauty. There has been a lot of improvement when it comes to the feel, looks, and ergonomics of the model. And while the outgoing Corolla had a few issues such as lackluster driving dynamics, wonky exterior design, and cheap interior, the new model has ironed out most of these flaws. The new Corolla is more comfortable, inspires confidence and handles very well. In fact, you can easily tell that there’s been a major upgrade on the chassis even when you are driving at lower speeds.

Engine and specifications

When it comes to the engine, however, not much has changed. The L, LE and XLE models feature the same 1.8-liter inline-four engine that produces about 139 horsepower. For these models, you can also choose between an automatic and manual transmission, however, there is a new alternative for those who want to save the planet and achieve better fuel economy. There is a hybrid model that’s smooth and quiet and offers you a very nice experience. You can expect a 121-hp Atkinson-cycle coupled with the 1.8-liter inline-four. This combination gives the consumer a nice 52 mpg combined.

If you are looking to get something new that will get you where you need, is reliable and economical, this new Toyota Corolla will do the trick. At Island Auto Group, we stock the very latest cars and also have an inventory of used cars in case that’s what you are looking for. You can contact us at (844) 677-3638 or come on over to our Toyota Dealership located at 1591 Hylan Boulevard in Staten Island.